legal information reference centerWhen embarking on a research paper many of us find that there is a legal element involved. If this situation comes up during your research process, we have the database for you: Legal Information Reference Center.

Legal Information Reference Center features several categories that will no doubt fit the type of information you are looking for. The initial eight categories found on the database’s homepage include: Business & Corporations, Family Affairs & Divorce, Immigration & Travel, Money & Financial Planning, Patents, Copyrights & Trademarks, Property & Real Estate, Rights & Disputes, and Wills & Estate Planning.

Another major cornerstone of Legal Information Reference Center is Legal Forms by U.S. State. Unlike Federal laws, states can vary by state.  What is legal in Nebraska may not be legal in Iowa.  It is an effective tool for comparison.

Legal forms are the name of the game with this database, and the homepage provides a list of popular legal forms for users to browse. The legal forms listed here are: Accident Claims, Bankruptcy, Buying a House, Divorce, Getting a Green Card, Human Resources. Living Trusts, Patents, Personal Injury, Rental Agreements, Selling a House, and Wills.

Also featured on the home page, is a list of popular books and sources relating to many of the topics and subjects found on the homepage. Some of the sources include: Becoming a U.S. Citizen, Neighbor Law, Solve Your Money Troubles, Legal Guide to Web & Software Development, and Living Together.   And of course you can always do a basic or advanced search to help you find the materials you need.

Many Bellevue University students are business majors and are looking for solid information on leaderships, markets, supply and demand, organizational efficiency, and other related topics. The legal side of business is also a key issue, and Legal Information Reference Center has the materials students need to complete their research.  If your research leads you down the path of legal information, will you be accessing Legal Information Reference Center?

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