Bacon dayCrunchy and yummy bacon gets an honor this month with International Bacon Day! September 2nd is a fun and simple holiday where you can celebrate anything and everything that is bacon. There are soaps, towels, even balloons you can use to show people how much you love this day!

The best way to celebrate International Bacon Day this September and everyday is by cooking it up in your meals! There are so many varieties, you’ll sizzle.

Try these pan-tastic recipes out:

Brown Sugar & Bacon Puff TwistsBrown Sugar & Bacon Puff Twists : This dish comes with a bit of a twist to it! Not only does it have brown sugar coated along the outside of the delicious pastry, it has a cayenne cheese mix on top of crispy bacon. All you have to do after the pastries have been cut and prepared, is twist them up and stick them in the oven. When you’re done, you get a tasty dessert or snack to enjoy! Cheddar Patty Cakes : Get this recipe cookin’ by frying up some bacon! Mix up mashed potatoes mixed with egg, onion powder, salt and black pepper to make a great base for patty cakes. Add cheese and shredded bacon and you’ve got some tasty cakes to grill up. Bacon Ranch Pinwheels : These pinwheels are a twist on a classic by mixing bacon and chicken bits to an already tasty mix of cream cheese and shredded cheddar jack. Don’t forget the ranch seasoning to give an extra tangy taste to this tortilla wrapped meal! Bacon Risotto : This dish is great for dinners! Chicken stock makes this rice dish nice and creamy while butter mixes with onion and garlic for taste. Stir in chopped up bacon and Parmesan and you’ve got a delicious dish to pass to the person next to you.


Chicken Saltimbocca: Changing up this recipe by using bacon instead of prosciu will give your taste buds and your wallet something to  cheer for. Try this tasty dish of  chicken topped with bacon as well as spinach and seasoned with Parmesan for a nice quiet meal for two over candlelight.

 Candied Bacon Recipe : Last but not least is this sweet treat! This simple recipe just needs bacon(of course), maple syrup and brown sugar! Pop bacon in the oven and brush the delicious sauce made of syrup and brown sugar over the bacon! Once it’s been lathered up on both sides and cooked to a crisp perfection, it’ll definitely make you wish you had more of it to share.

No matter what the seasoning or how thick the bacon is, it’ll always be tasty. Minus chocolate bacon. That should be left to professionals.

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