The sounds for what were recorded by moving a microphone next to a TV set?

In what month is the Earth closest to the sun?

In case you haven’t guessed it, today (January 4), is National Trivia Day, which is observed across the United States.

There is not much for historical information about this holiday except for that in the 1960’s college students began trading questions with each other in regards to pop culture in their youth. Then, two Columbia University students, Ed Goodgold and Dan Carlinsky, formed inter-collegiate quiz bowls, basically quizzing each other on useless information. Goodgold and Carlinsky then wrote a book titled, “Trivia” in 1966 which ended up on the New York Times best seller list. From then on, trivia games such as Trivial Pursuit, gained popularity and trivia and quiz bowls emerged.

Perhaps you can celebrate National Trivia Day by stumping your friends with the following trivia questions or by checking out one of our books we have in our collection listed below:

In a 2013 film, an elderly Bruce Dern travels to what Mid-western state to claim a million dollar sweepstakes prize?

What relation is the King in “The King’s Speech” to Princes William and Harry?

How many miles an hour did the DeLorean sports car have to reach in order to go Back to the Future?

What South Dakota town was the subject of HBO’s western drama about crime and corruption?

Which country has the longest land border?

Library Books:

Now I Know More: The Revealing Stories Behind Even More of the World’s Most Interesting Facts by Dan Lewis – AG105.L529 2014

Greatest Mysteries of the Unexplained by Lucy Doncaster & Andrew Holland – AG243.D66 2007

The Book of Odds: From Lightning Strikes to Love at First Sight, the Odds of Everyday Life by Amram Shapiro, Louise Firth Campbell, & Rosalind Wright – AG243.S4764 2014





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