The New Year comes with Resolutions for 2018, goals to better ourselves or find new determination in healthy diets. Unfortunately with the current temperatures still freezing us inside and out, it’s hard to keep warm and healthy. Trying to change an entire routine can be frustrating and often overbearing when we are still recovering from the holidays as well as colds and stubborn weather. Life catches up and soon one realizes resolutions have imploded and all energy has waned. Taking it little by little can help reduce stress – such as making small changes each month, creating habits that are easier to stick to. There’s a happy solution – Tea. It has many flavors and can be brewed in various ways that can be used not only to warm up your body and wake up your mind, but to help stave off those nasty winter cold woes. So, to January, there’s no better way to celebrate a cold beginning to 2018 than by having National Hot Tea Month!

Hot tea can be good for various things. It can be used for health problems such as stomach aches, or insomnia as well as it has unending flavors to choose from. Take a glance at the picture on this post, each of those packages is an entirely different type of tea. It’s not even a large variety of the teas and infusions that are sold in stores or markets. They include blasts of flavor for every tea lover, or those who haven’t discovered the joy of tea yet. Fruity teas, oolong, chamomile, and other teas exist for our enjoyment. All it takes are tea bags or loose leaf tea and some hot water (and sugar or honey of course if you wish).

Here are a few ideas to try:

Sore Throats – Mix honey and cinnamon with Green tea and drink as many cups as needed, or buy a specialty tea for sore throats.

Mix teas together – Oolong tea with Irish Breakfast or English Breakfast can give you a pretty strong tea to carry you throughout the day. You can even mix fruity teas like lavender and vanilla with green tea or other flavors.

Utilize your tea bags – They can be used more than once to make tea out of. You can also use tea bags for cleaning items as well as the tea leaves for composting.

Milk or creamer – adding milk or creamer to your tea can give you a thicker drink or create lattes for enjoyment. This is a common drink.

Dandelion Tea – can be good for digestion as well as fighting against jaundice or other illnesses.

Cinnamon – can be used in teas that aren’t fruity in order to help with fighting viruses as well as lowering cholesterol.

Stinging Nettle – Helps with seasonal allergies and can also bring up ones energy.

Lavender – Can be infused in a London Fog or other teas as it is one of the main ingredients used for items to help with relaxation.

The list doesn’t even begin to cover the variety of teas to choose from. Trying to decide what tea suits your fancy can be difficult but have no fear, the Library is here. To celebrate National Hot Tea month, the Library is hosting Tea and Origami tomorrow January 31st! This is a great way to test out a few types of tea to see what you may enjoy. It will be from 2pm until 4pm and will be a lot of fun with a variety of teas to choose from. Come join our tea party and have some fun practicing origami.


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