It is officially Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. As you head out to buy cards, candy, or flowers, it might be a good idea to stop by the Bellevue University Library first and check out some of our great movies. From comedies to adventures to dramas, the Bellevue University Library offers a wide variety of movies that feature love stories that will win you over.  With that in mind, get a bowl of popcorn, your chocolate and one of the ten films below that can be borrowed from the Bellevue University Library for one week.

Casablanca DVD PN1995.9.F54 C35 1999  In December 1941, a cynical American expatriate encounters a former lover, with unforeseen complications.

Edge of Love DVD PN1995.9.M27 E34 2009 When legendary poet Dylan Thomas reconnects with Vera, his teenage sweetheart, a romantic rivalry begins between her and his wife Caitlin. As the   women begin to bond an unusual trio is formed. The threesome live in bliss until Vera’s husband, a handsome soldier, returns from fighting in the war and jealousy erupts, threatening the trio’s fragile happiness.

I Hate Valentine’s Day DVD PN 1995.9.M27 I338 2010 Genevieve Gernier has a strict philosophy on dating. Her rule: no more than five dates with a man to ensure that she will never get dumped. When Greg Gatlin buys a restaurant nearby her flower shop, they start dating.  However, after five dates, Genevieve is not happy with her rule and does not know how to meet Greg again. The rule that she swore to never break, could end up breaking her heart.

I Love You Beth Cooper DVD PN 1995.9.M27 I23 2009 When Denis, proclaims his love for super-popular Beth Cooper during his valedictorian speech, everyone is speechless. But the real shock comes that night when Beth shows up at Denis’s house with her two best friends to show him how the cool kids party. Beth decides to show him the best night of his life.

Like Crazy    DVD PN1995.9.M27 L55 2012 When a British college student falls for her American classmate, they embark on a passionate and life-changing journey–only to be separated by circumstances beyond their control.

Love Actually DVD PN1995.9.M27 L68 In Love Actually, the Prime Minister is smitten with his caterer; a widower’s young son nurses the ultimate schoolboy crush; a writer falls for his Portuguese housekeeper; a devoted wife and mother copes with her potentially unfaithful husband; and a lovelorn American is desperately attracted to a colleague.

Loving DVD PN1995.9.B55 L685 2017  This film is a true story about Richard and Mildred Loving, an inter-racial married couple living in Virginia during a turbulent time of racial tension.  Despite their legal marriage license, they were arrested by local police.  Their arrest ultimately led to a legal battle that ended at the United States Supreme Court.

Management DVD PN1995.9.M27 M36 2009- Mike Cranshaw has a chance meeting with Sue Claussen when she checks into the motel owned by Mike’s parents in Arizona. A bottle of wine jump starts a unique courtship between two different kinds of people who are both looking for the same thing: a sense of happiness.

The Notebook DVD PN1995.9.M27 N68 2005  Noah Calhoun regularly visits Allie Nelson who is in a nursing home  because of Alzheimer’s. He reads to her from an old, faded notebook containing the account of a young couple, how they met, fell in love and confronted obstacles to their happiness.

Singing in the Rain DVD PN1995.9.M86 S564 2000 Singin’ in the rain is a musical filled with memorable songs, lavish routines and Kelly’s fabulous song-and-dance number performed in the rain.

Please note that the DVD collection is now located in the compact shelving located in the back of the Library. Please ask a member of the Library staff if you need assistance locating them.

24/7 Librarian