You might have noticed that every month there seems to be another “awareness” month.  As we close out this year, let’s explore their origins, celebrations, and what the future holds.


Many awareness months, days and/or weeks, began with a proclamation by a President and highlight a specific cause, commemorate an event, or represents a charity organization.  These campaigns can be very helpful to individuals affected by specific causes, such as a health condition, by offering them support, as well as resources, to guide them through their illness.  Event campaigns provide a venue to observe historical occurrences with organizations hosting celebrations and/or ceremonies.  What they all have in common is education.  Regardless of the focus or theme, these awareness days, months, weeks initiate conversations, prompt action, and do make a difference.

So, let’s take a look at December.  Actually, today is “National Ugly Christmas Sweater” day; however, did you know this month was “National Human Rights” month, “AIDS Awareness” month, “Safe Toys and Gifts” month, “National Pear” month, and “National Tie” month?  In fact, there are several more awareness month causes, not to mention awareness days, that there is something for everyone…  Now, how can one get involved or help further a cause?  Well, social media is a good way—there’s a hashtag for everything, collaborate with an organization and host a fundraising event, volunteer at a hospital, make a donation, the possibilities are endless.

Blogs are a great way to bring awareness to these “awareness” days so let’s take a look at what you might see in the coming year:

  • January – National Hobby Month, National Blood Donor Month, National Soup Month
  • February – Black History Month, National Library Lover’s Month, American Heart Month
  • March – National Women’s History Month, Irish-American Heritage Month, National Umbrella Month
  • April – International Guitar Month, Stress Awareness Month, National Child Abuse Awareness Month
  • May – Celiac Disease Awareness Month, Foster Care Month, National Salad Month
  • June – National Candy Month, National Soul Food Month, National Safety Month
  • July – National Ice Cream Month, National Anti-Boredom Month, National Culinary Arts Month
  • August – National Eye Exam Month, Family Fun Month, Romance Awareness Month
  • September – National Suicide Prevention Month, Baby Safety Month, National Library Card Sign Up Month
  • October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month, National Applejack Month, Halloween Safety Month
  • November – Aviation History Month, National Diabetes Month, Military Family MonthTo see more “awareness” days, months, weeks, check out these resources…Awareness Days
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