Want to market your business or deal with a business in a foreign country? Asking yourself, “Where do I go for information on how to do business with that country? Which one shall I choose?” A to Z World Business could be the database for you. Choose from over 100 Country Business guides on 120 topics, plus 77 global market tools that cover subjects like business information, import/export, compliance and taxation.

Select one of the Country Business Guides and find out the trade overview of a country. For example, did you know the top export partners of France are Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, UK and the Netherlands? Germany purchases 16% of France’s exports where the US purchases only 5%.

There are many topics from the business guides about a country: business culture, business information, business travel, communications, country profile, culture, embassies and consulates, export, history, import, investment climate, language translation, maps, media outlets, money and banking, names, seaports, security briefing, taxation and trade, just to name a few. Available maps include an outline of the country and outline with provinces. There are also thematic maps that offer information on politics, provinces, physical, natural earth, population, precipitation and temperature.

In addition, there are several tools to choose if you want to look up country codes or currencies of the world, acronyms & air transport, basics of international travel, business entities, computer terms, dictionary of international trade A-Z, international dialing tools, international payments, measurement converter, NAFTA (North American Free Trade
Agreement), ocean transport, railcars, resources for international trade, security, e-books short course series, exporting to the USA, importing to the USA, incoterms, insurance, guide to cargo, sourcing guide, trade terms in 8 languages, weights and measures. Just click on the tool and enter the country you need the information on.

If you prefer not to use the country business guide or the tools, you can do your own search. Scroll to the bottom of the home page, type a topic in the search box and select “all countries” to search, or you can choose a specific country.

This database can also be useful if you are traveling to a foreign country as a tourist.

A to Z World Business is available 24/7 and can be accessed from the Databases page located under the Find menu on the library’s homepage.

Originally posted in the Freeman/Lozier Library’s quarterly newsletter, More Than BooksV. 22 No. 1, Winter 2018.

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