Baron Mordo

Real Name/Alias: Baron Karl Amadeus Mordo

1st Appearance: Strange Tales #111, 1963

Place of Origin: Castle Mordo, Varf Mandra, Transylvania, Romania

Profession: Sorcerer

Affiliations: Servant of Dormammu, the Offenders, the Circle Sinister

Partnerships: None

Created by: Stan Lee and Steve Ditko


  • Skilled martial artist
  • Extensive knowledge of magical lore
  • Astral projection
  • Teleportation
  • Hypnotism
  • Mesmerism
  • Thought and illusion casting
  • Force blast projection
  • Magical energy manipulation
  • Ability to conjure demons

Synopsis of First Appearance: “Face-to-Face with the Magic of Baron Mordo!”

Baron Mordo in his astral form makes his way to the home of the Ancient One deep in the mountains of Asia.  Once he arrives, he compels the servant of the Ancient One to put a poisonous drug in his master’s food.  Mordo hopes to obtain mystical secrets from the Ancient One by threatening him with the poison that will gradually kill him. Meanwhile, in New York City, Dr. Strange attempts to contact the Ancient One but is unable to.  Fearing something has befallen his master, Strange uses his astral form to check on the Ancient One.  Once Strange arrives, he and Mordo engage in battle. In order to save his master, Strange uses his amulet to transfer a fair amount of his energy to the Ancient One, which greatly weakens the future sorcerer supreme.  Now concerned about the safety of both himself and his master, Strange bluffs Mordo into thinking that he can keep the Baron from returning to his physical body.  Fear sets in, and Mordo flees in order to protect his physical body.  The servant he controlled is now in charge of his senses and Strange follows Mordo to make sure he knows his plot has failed.


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