In case you are still working from home or may have to at some point, this book provides a few tips to help you develop or improve the unique set of skills you will need for remote working. The book provides the best practices, tips, and insights from a variety of experts to help with these skills.

The book is divided into six sections: getting work done, navigating common challenges, caring for your mental and emotional health, thriving in virtual meetings, being the boss, and solving problems on a remote team.

Find out the tools and the hardware needed to work from home. One important tip given is to keep a firm routine when working from home as you would if you were at work, especially keeping the kids in line. Let your kids know when you are available for them and when you cannot be disturbed.

If you are a boss, you will find how to navigate challenges you may have.  Some suggestions are to create ground rules for virtual meetings. How to resolve a conflict with a remote colleague and how to demonstrate your value remotely and how to manage direct reports. Visit with direct reports on a predictable schedule and make your staff feel part of the team.

Make sure you care for your mental and emotional health. Maintain physical boundaries, get up and get dressed and even take a walk around the block to stimulate the commute to work. Remember to recharge and do not default to video calls just because you can.

Virtual meetings should include the first 10 minutes to focus on relationships. How your staff is doing and what is going on with them both personally and work related.  Use people’s name during the meeting. Plan 20% more time than you think you need for a topic. Identify who you want to hear from in each discussion.

These are just a few of the tips. Read the book and find out more that you can incorporate if you are working remotely.

This book is available at Bellevue University Library and is located in the general collection. All books can be borrowed for 21 days with the option of renewal.

Originally posted in the Freeman/Lozier Library’s quarterly newsletter, More Than BooksV. 25 No. 3, Summer 2022.

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