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For those that might be new to living in the Midwest, you will quickly learn that the winter months can be very cold and the summers can be very hot.  The scorching summer heat can be hard on our physical and mental well-being. Below are a few tips on keep cool during the dog days of summer.

  1. Drinking lots of water year-round to stay hydrated is important, but drinking extra water in the summer is needed because we sweat more in order to cool our bodies down. If you are not a fan of the taste of water, there are flavorings that can be added to enhance the taste.  Sugary drinks and alcoholic beverages should be avoided because they can cause mild to moderate dehydration.
  2. Adjust ceiling fans counter-clockwise to help circulate cool air downward. Just remember to be sure your ceiling fan is off when leaving the room because fans cool people, not rooms by creating a wind chill effect. Another idea is to buy a portable fan that sprays mist into your face while fanning you.
  3. Consider using your microwave or grill to cook and prepare food instead of the oven. It will help keep your home cooler and save energy as well. Ordering take-out is another option but you may want to avoid hot and spicy foods.  Eating anything hot and spicy will only amplify the effects of the heat.
  4. Taking showers and swimming can help in cooling your body down.
  5. Apply ice packs or cold towels to your cooling points. Cooling points include wrists, forehead, neck, etc.  By knowing your cooling points, you will be able to cool yourself off faster and more effectively.

For additional tips on keeping cool during the summer heat, the Bellevue University Library has some wonderful articles. The articles are hyperlinked for your convenience.

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