The bread and butter of this institution is business education and the multiple concepts, themes, and occupational preparedness courses it encompasses. One of the chief components of business education is understanding the ethical standards business professionals must adhere to.  To that end, the best place to find materials which explain and describe how to utilize these ethical standards is the LibGuide Business Ethics.

The Bellevue University Library holds business ethics in such high esteem, that it is the default example when using Discovery Search. The LibGuide itself contains resources that discuss the moral aspects of doing business, as well as cases of corporate corruption. For instance, one of the general collection books explains how adhering to the best practices of business ethics can also lead to higher efficiency and better strategic decision making. Several sources discuss real world case studies that can help inform and prepare budding business professionals.

The LibGuide also features a look at the intermixing of culture and ethics, the differences between business ethics in the United States and other countries like Russia, and whether ethical leadership creates a happier work force.  Also discussed is how changing generational values effect business ethics and how to get the most out of employees  who hold these values.  Additionally, there is information on the most effective ways to train employees and implement high level ethical mandates in an organization.

You can find the Business Ethics LibGuide by clicking on LibGuides under “Find” on the library homepage.

Originally posted in the Freeman/Lozier Library’s quarterly newsletter, More Than BooksV. 25 No. 3, Summer 2022.

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