The X-Men #13, September 1965


Synopsis of Second Appearance: “Where Walks the Juggernaut!”

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The Juggernaut, Charles Xavier’s step brother Cain Marko, has returned home to reignite his rivalry with Charles.  Charles tries to protect himself with his incredible mental powers but to his dismay, discovers that his step brother’s helmet protects Cain from mental attacks.  Next, the X-Men take their first shot at subduing the Juggernaut.  Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) uses her telekinetic powers to lift the Juggernaut while Cyclops (Scott Summers) blast the floor below causing the Cyrtrak powered villain to fall one story down.  This gives the strangest teens of all and their mentor a chance to retreat and come up with a new plan of attack.

Professor X takes his students to his lab where he creates a tool that amplifies his mental projections and sends out a thought wave to the superheroes residing in the New York metropolitan area to help him and defeat the Juggernaut.  Meanwhile, Angel (Warren Worthington III) and Cyclops go to where they last encountered the Juggernaut.  However, the Juggernaut gets the drop on the two X-Men, and neither Angel’s fists nor Cyclops’ optic blasts slow the unstoppable Juggernaut.

In the lab, Professor X contacts Rick Jones’ Teen Brigade and Matt Murdock, who is of course Daredevil, to see if they can aid the X-Men but neither are available to help.  Trying to stall for time, Professor X has Iceman (Bobby Drake) and Beast (Hank McCoy) aid their teammates Angel and Cyclops who are having little luck with the Juggernaut.

Professor X then uses his telepathy to contact Johnny Strom, the Human Torch and member the Fantastic Four, for help.  Johnny is out with friends and assumes the telepathic call for help must be from one of the numerous foes of the Fantastic Four and pays it no mind.

Meanwhile, Iceman has frozen the Juggernaut in a block of ice.  But, the magically enhanced villain breaks through the ice and begins hand to hand combat with Beast.  Beast injures his foot, but he uses his innate intelligence to lure the Juggernaut to the Danger Room and turns on all the traps within it to slow down the Juggernaut.  The Juggernaut gets through all the traps and throws a rolling cylinder at Beast, knocking the X-Man out.

Thankfully for the X-Men, Professor X has at last convinced the Human Torch to help come to the X-Men’s aid.  Professor X and Marvel Girl join the fight and Marvel Girl uses her telekinetic powers to lift Juggernaut into the air.  The Torch arrives and uses his flame powers to blind the Juggernaut.  Johnny then tells Angel to remove the Juggernaut’s helmet, which had been loosed by Beast earlier.  Without his protective helmet, Juggernaut is struck down by Professor X’s mental powers.

With the battle between the Juggernaut and X-Men now over, Professor X thanks Johnny for his help.  However, Professor X wants to keep the location of X-Men’s headquarters a secret and erases Johnny’s memory of the battle and sends him on his way.  Professor X sends the male X-Men to bed to recover from the battle and has Jean act as their nurse, much to the pleasure of the male X-Men.  Professor X tells the team he has an award for them which they will receive when they are more up and about.


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