Women play an important role and bring a variety of skills to the business world.  They set examples for aspiring females hoping to become leaders and professionals within small businesses and corporate leadership.  “American Business Women’s Day” celebrated every year on September 22nd, recognizes the accomplishments of those women who have inspired generation after generation of businesswomen. 

Women in business display resilience, compassion, respect, and typically embody motivation, teamwork, and diversity.  A 2019 survey reported that women made up more than half of the U.S. workforce and women in business scored higher than men on most key leadership qualities; especially since their leadership styles are different from men.  Some of those qualities include:

  • Women value work-life balance
  • Women are empathetic
  • Women are strong communicators
  • Women handle crisis situations well

While there may not be more women CEO’s than men, women are excellent entrepreneurs and the number is on the rise.  Here are some famous female entrepreneurs:

While “American Business Women’s Day” values the contributions and achievements of women, it also honors each and every one.  Take a little time to learn more about women in the workforce and appreciate the impact these women have had and continue to have on the business world by checking out some of the resources below:

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