It’s not hard to find interesting or useful facts when you crack open a book in the library.  Let’s see what fun facts Matt found when she browsed through the reference related materials.

The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) was founded on the campus of Shaw University in Raleigh two months to the day after the men entered Woolworth’s in Greensboro, North Carolina. The Woolworth’s desegregated their store in the summer of 1960.  FROM: Franchise: The Golden Arches in Black America, (2021), p. 43.

When teaching online videos, stories or other creations maybe too much for students to get their heads around.  One way to fix this is to ask students to annotate as they go along.  This is easy to do in Google Docs, Word, PowerPoint, Slides, and other media that allow embedded comments.  FROM: Active Learning Online: Five Principles That Make Online Course Come Alive, (2021) p.92.

In 1987, 48 percent of the British population believed that “the job of the man is to earn money, the job of the woman is to look after the family.” Now only 8 percent of people say they hold this view.  FROM: The Generation Myth: Why When You’re Born Matters Less Than You Think,    (2021), p.144.

The ILOVEYOU malware program was a worm that propagated itself through a vulnerability in the Microsoft Outlook email system. On May 4, 2000, two Filipino hackers launched the worm via email with an attachment entitled “LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.txt.vbs.” This virus was one of the fastest-growing malware events in history, infecting more than one million computers per day and eventually damaging more than more than 45 million machines and causing over $5 billion in damages.  FROM: Cyber Warfare: A Documentary and Reference Guide (2020) p. 11.

Have a standing call with a friend or family member.  It is common for remote workers to struggle with social isolation. To combat this, schedule a weekly talk with someone you feel close to, whether that’s a friend, mentor, or loved one.  FROM: Work From Home Hacks: 500+ Easy Ways to Get Organized, Stay Productive, and Maintaining a Work-Life Balance, (2020) p. 66.

Originally posted in the Freeman/Lozier Library’s quarterly newsletter, More Than BooksV. 25 No. 4, Fall 2022.

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