Marvel Team-Up #1: Featuring Spider-Man and the Human Torch, December 21, 1971

Synopsis of “Have Yourself a Sandman Little Christmas!”

It’s the holidays in New York City, and Peter Parker is covering the Polar Bear Swim for old Jolly Jonah and the Daily Bugle.  The event turns dangerous when Peter notices that Sandman (Flint Marco) has appeared on the beach. Peter quickly changes into Spider-Man in attempt to stop the villain.  Unsuccessful in his pursuit, Spidey decides to head to Baxter Building, home of the Fantastic Four, since Sandman has become more their villain than his in recent years.  Upon his arrival, the web slinger finds only that the Human Torch (Johnny Storm) is a present.  The pair agree to track down Sandman together and along the way stop some thieves from stealing Christmas presents from Misty Knight*.

*Misty Knight’s 1st appearance!

Eventually the two heroes find Sandman but are knocked out by the villain and left in a water tower.  Spider-Man and the Torch escape the water tower and track down Sandman again.  The two heroes finally track down Sandman, but he explains that he only broke out of prison to see his sick mother for Christmas.  The villain also informs the two heroes that she does not know he is a criminal.  The pair allow Sandman to visit his mother if he promises to return to prison immediately afterward. Spidey even gives Sandman a gift he intended for Gwen Stacy so he has something to give to his mother.  Once the time the two young heroes had given Sandman runs out, they go and check Sandman’s mother’s apartment and find that Sandman had escaped through a drain hole.  Spider-Man and the Human Torch decide to accept the situation and celebrate the holidays before tracking down the villain once more.


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