“Library on the Go” (LOTG) is the Bellevue University Library’s once-quarterly event where we bring BU Library materials across campus for students and staff that otherwise might not have a chance to get into the library to take a look at some of the great items we have for check-out. It has recently been revamped to also include snacks and the chance to win a prize, as well as adding a brand-new LibGuide for it.

The Library on the Go LibGuide is now your one-stop spot to find episodes of the LOTG podcast, where we talk about a topic from one of the month’s themes, as well as the monthly booklist. This list includes recently purchased books as well as those from a couple of fun topics, which we have now bumped up to three. So, in the September LOTG Booklist tab you can find New Arrivals, Victorian Crime, Monstrous Reads, and Banned Books Week. You will find them arranged by topic, and pictures of the cover and a brief description of each book if you hover over it. More booklists and podcasts will be coming soon as each “Library on the Go” is held, so please remember to keep checking back to find more great lists of fun reads and interesting discussions!

More information on when and where you can catch us for the next LOTG can be found on the LibGuide’s Home tab, and you can find the Library on the Go LibGuide itself by clicking on LibGuides under “Find” on the Library’s homepage.

Originally posted in the Freeman/Lozier Library’s quarterly newsletter, More Than BooksV. 26 No. 1, Winter 2023.

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