Newspersons, better known as journalists, correspondents, or reporters, are essential individuals as they provide the most current and relevant information/news to the public. They are obligated to tell the truth, have a broad interest in the world around them, a desire to research, and then an aptitude to share their discoveries with readers and/or listeners.  Today, April 4th is “National Hug a Newsperson Day” to acknowledge and appreciate the people reporting the news!

While it might not be possible to actually hug a newsperson, there are ways to show your gratitude and admiration for what they do.  Other than just saying thank you, you can pitch them an exclusive story, share their stories on social media, offer honest feedback, and most importantly, be nice and treat them like real people, because they are.  Your local newsperson keeps you informed about your community, weather, traffic, politics and crime.  They educate you on the national news; however, with a local perspective.

Newspersons can work in a variety of mediums, such as broadcast television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and blogs.  They must have excellent written and verbal communication skills, have good writing and reading acumen, be able to work a flexible schedule and possess a BA/BS in communications, journalism, or a related field.  Newspersons enjoy meeting new people from various backgrounds and getting to hear and tell their stories.  Curiosity motivates them, bringing chaos to order captivates them, disseminating a story exhilarates them.  Some choose a specialty such as business, politics, or entertainment rendering them objective and factual experts that people come to respect and rely on.

24% of Americans regularly watch the news on TV and 4% of Americans would hug a newsperson if they could.  Therefore, for those of us who cannot, what can we do to show our appreciation for these men and women who work long hours, give up holidays with their family, and are awake when we are sleeping just to report the news and keep us informed?  We can write them a note, letter, or email.  We can support them by respecting them, reading their work, or watching them.  Regardless of how you express your gratitude, just do it…it will inspire and delight a newsperson!

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