Searching by subject is a little trickier, but it is the most common search. Most people don't have a specific book or author in mind when they are researching a topic.  They just need information, but a subject search can be frustrating, if you don't understand how eCatalog "thinks."

What's the problem?


The Library of Congress subject headings used in the catalog record, are the best way to search for books on your topic.  However, most people, even librarians, aren't familiar with all of them.  Doing a subject search with a term not used by the Library of Congress, may bring up no results, even though we actually do have books on that subject.
A basic keyword search choosing words or phrase, may leave you puzzled by the results.  You may find dozens of results, many irrelevant.  This is because eCatalog is searching for all the keywords, separately or together, in all the fields -  title, author, subject, even the contents of the item record.

So, what can you do?


The secret to a successful subject search is to think like eCatalog!