Won’t You Be My Neighbor? DVD Review

For many children in the 1970s and 1980s, parents encouraged them to watch educational television shows, like those on PBS.  One popular show offered was Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, hosted by Fred Rogers.  While most children later distanced themselves from his soft-spoken affect and constant reassurances of personal acceptance in adolescence, as adults many have come […]

Plagiarism and Copyright Resources

What is plagiarism? Plagiarism is a broad term which refers to when someone submits or otherwise takes credit for work that is not their own. There are many forms of plagiarism, all of which harm both you and the university as a whole. Five simple steps to avoid plagiarism: Use original ideas. Do not reuse […]

The Making of the Presidential Library

If your mental image of a library starts and stops with your public library or university library, then you probably have never visited a presidential library. You may even think that a presidential library is just a room full of books, documents, and a few photos or portraits. That is what I thought until I […]

2019 Library on the Go Experiments

The Library on the Go initiative was established during the summer of 2014 to enable Bellevue University staff and faculty members to check out library materials without visiting the library. One Friday a month, a library team takes 60 – 80 items and two iPads to the upper lobby of the ESB over the lunch […]

Aquatic Mammals Journal Review

Aquatic Mammals is the oldest peer-reviewed journal publishing papers on marine mammal science, studies of wild and captive animals, population dynamics, animal behavior, anatomy, taxonomy, and conservation, and veterinary medicine. It is a peer-reviewed journal sponsored by the European Association for Aquatic Mammals (EAAM), the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums (AMMPA), and the […]

National Decorating Month

With spring often comes the desire to do spring cleaning. This can also come with the desire to update your wardrobe, your garden, or decorations around your house. However, life always gets in the way and whether it’s due to time or money, re-decorating isn’t easy. Especially when there are so many ways to go […]

Looking at ILL Requests From 2018

  Every year OCLC (Online Computer Library Center), tabulates a list of the most interlibrary loaned (ILL) titles each year. Take a look at what happened in 2018.     The top 10 ILL’d titles for 2018 Educated: A Memoir, by Tara Westover 12 Rules for Life, by Jordan Peterson Little Fires Everywhere, by Celeste […]

New Kindles!!!

The Bellevue University Library has revamped the Kindle lending program. The library’s collection of devices now includes two Fire 7 tablets and one Kindle Paperwhite ereader. These new devices replace the outdated 5th generation Kindle e-readers the library had been lending. When the library first launched its Kindle lending service in April of 2013, the […]

1st Appearance: Black Widow

Black Widow Real Name/Alias: Natalia Alianovna Romanova (Natasha Romanoff), Natalie Rushman, Laura Matthers, Mary, Farrell, Oktober, Yelelna Belova, Madame Natasha 1st Appearance: Tales of Suspense #52, April 1964 Place of Origin: Russia (USSR) Profession: Villain, Superhero, Secret Agent Affiliations: S.H.I.E.L.D., Avengers, Champions, KGB, Marvel Knights, Mighty Avengers, Lady Liberators, Thunderbolts, Secret Avengers, Heroes for Hire […]

All Things Nebraska!!!

  Those of us who grew up, live, and/or work in Nebraska, know what a special state it is. However, did you know that National Day Calendar® designated April 5th as “National Nebraska Day?” What better way to acknowledge and celebrate then to reminisce and/or learn more about Nebraska.   Here are a few facts […]