Sisters In Law Book Review

Sisters In Law is a thorough and fascinating book about Sandra Day O’Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the first two women justices appointed to the Supreme Court.  Author Linda Hirshman chronologically relates the personal journeys of each justice from their childhoods, through their political and legal careers, and onward to their seats on the bench […]

Hoist the Colors High

Alright mates, get ready to ready the cannons and break out your best, or worst as the case may be, pirate vocabulary because September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! While pillaging and plundering may not be socially acceptable anymore, and for good reason, there’s nothing to stop you from letting a little […]

Constitution Day

Constitution Day commemorates the formation and signing of one of the most influential legal documents in existence—the U.S. Constitution.  Since its creation on September 17, 1787, over 100 countries around the world have used it as a model for their own.  This document brought together ideas from many people and those who made significant contributions […]

National Video Game Day

 National Video Game Day, perhaps one of America’s silliest national holidays. But I say embrace the silly and enjoy the day. How? There are so many ways. 1) Build an emulator– An emulator is a way to play old school video games on new school devices. It’s relatively easy to set this up on a […]

Discover Something New With EBSCO Discovery Search

If you have completed a database search from the Bellevue University Library homepage, you may have noticed some big changes. At the beginning of July, 2016, we officially launched our new search tool, EBSCO’s Discovery Search.  This new search engine is our primary tool for library research, and allows users to find journal articles, eBooks, videos, […]

BUILD IT – The First Ten Years!

Today, September 8, is International Literacy Day! Since 1965, on this day, schools, communities, and organizations around the world have participated in International Literacy Day activities to promote the importance of education. So it seems fitting that the Library celebrates literacy this month too with the ten year anniversary of BUILD IT, our information literacy […]

Ep. 16: Jake Goes to WorldCon!

Welcome to Episode 15 of the “More Than Books” Podcast! Named after the official Bellevue University Library newsletter, each episode features library staff members discussing a topic related to literature, libraries, technology, pop culture, and more. Now available on iTunes! “More Than Books” Podcast – Ep. 16: Jake Goes to WorldCon Description:  Finally, at last, Jake has gone […]

Apps for School Success

It’s September and that means it’s time to think about leaves falling, crisp air, and yes, back to school.  When I was in college a long time ago, things were way different.  You had to use pen and paper to keep track of your classes and assignments.  Today we have ipads and iphones.  With that technology […]

Students Engage in Book Club

On August 23 Bellevue University Library hosted its first student book club.  Two students attended in person, and five students joined the online book club through the site, Goodreads. Even though there was a lot of planning and organizing in the past eight months, both students truly enjoyed this opportunity and look forward to future […]

Discovery Search Tips & Tricks

The Fall session has officially begun, and with classes come research papers. If you haven’t used our Online Library in a few months, you may notice some big changes with library search. This summer, we launched a new Discovery Search engine powered by EBSCOhost. Here are a few quick tips and tricks to get the […]