Summer Reads

Here are some new fiction books. They arrived just in time for you                                                            to enjoy this summer!               Let us […]

Important Library Updates: New Discovery Search and Databases Now Available!

The Bellevue University Library is excited to announce the launch of a powerful new search tool from EBSCOhost. This new Discovery Search engine is our primary tool for library research, and allows users to find journal articles, eBooks, videos, print titles, and much more from the EBSCO search interface. You can access this search tool […]

Video Review of “Theory of Everything”

Nominated for best picture of the year in 2015, and winner of best performance by an actor in a leading role (Eddie Redmayne), The Theory of Everything was a tour de force as it showed the in-depth life of the infamous astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, as he falls in love with fellow Cambridge student Jane Wilde, […]

Ep. 14: Imperma-what? – The Coming Digital Apocalypse

Welcome to Episode 14 of the “More Than Books” Podcast! Named after the official Bellevue University Library newsletter, each episode features library staff members discussing a topic related to literature, libraries, technology, pop culture, and more. Now available on iTunes! “More Than Books” Podcast – Ep. 14: Imperma-what? – The Coming Digital Apocalypse Description: Joel and Jake […]

Celebrate Audio Book Appreciation Month

As of June 2016, Bellevue University Library owns more than 200 audio books. For members of the Bellevue University community who own a car with a CD player and are anticipating a road trip, those who have a long commute each weekday, or those who just enjoy listening to audio books, it will be worth […]

Book Review of “Black Diamonds”

Catherine Bailey’s book, Black Diamonds, opens with the funeral of William the 6th, Earl of Fitzwilliam.  The author uses this as a starting point to not only look into the lives of the aristocrats, but also as a way to focus on the intermingling lives of the aristocrats and the working class. She uses different […]

Set Your Eyes on the Constellation Prize

June brings campfires, picnic baskets, catching fireflies, and looking up at the stars. The stars in our night sky are part of the beauty that surrounds us. This month is Great Outdoors Month and while it can get hot during the day, there’s plenty to see at nighttime. Stars pepper our night sky and through […]

No Pick-up Necessary – Library Material Can be Sent to Your Home

In his May 31 blog post, Joel Hartung informed our new and former graduates of the many library resources and services that are available electronically for all who are Bellevue University alumni. This post will enlarge on that information by sharing that ALL members of the Bellevue University community, including the alumni, can request to […]

Dr. Joyce Wilson Chronicled 20th Century Changes to Bellevue College Campus

One of the most entertaining sessions of the March in-service day shared by the Bellevue University Library staff occurred when long-time art professor, Dr. Joyce Wilson, regaled the staff with her experiences compiling the history of the first forty years of our institution. Shortly after the year 2000, she was approached with the task of […]

Archives Reorganization

For three days in May, the Library staff took on an ambitious project–mass reorganization and identification of the physical photos in the Bellevue University Archives. Over the years, limited efforts have been made to put the photos into order and identify their contents, but, by and large, photos from all throughout the University’s history and […]