Beneath the Surface: Book Review

John Hargrove’s book, “Beneath the Surface: Killer Whales, SeaWorld, and the Truth Beyond Blackfish,” tells the story of his life and career at SeaWorld. Beginning with his first visit to SeaWorld when he was six-years-old, his obsessions with wanting to work with Orcas started.  This book travels through his almost 14 years as a senior […]

Lettuce Celebrate! National Fruits and Vegetable Month!

Happy June everybody! The sun is shining, classes have just started for the summer, and the weather brews for a perfect harvest. Just in time, too, for National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month is already underway. Fruits and Veggies are tasty all year round but they taste great in the summer – whether it’s cold […]


Searching for resources needing to complete a research paper can be tricky. One helpful resource that is often neglected during the research process is statistics.  To acquire relevant statistics in order to improve a research project, check out the database Statista. Statista touts itself as “The portal for statistics” with “Immediate access to over one […]

New Arrivals for Summer 2017

We have received the following titles in the last quarter. Interested? Check them out! List compiled by Barbara Haney.   101 Smart Questions to Ask On Your Interview HF5549.5.I6 F757 2016 Capturing Our Stories: An Oral History of Librarianship in Transition Z720.A4 S65 2017 The Giraffe: Biology, Ecology, Evolution and Behavior QL737.U56 S56 2016 Debt […]

Celebrate with Nebraska 150 Books!

One way to celebrate the Nebraska Sesquicentennial during this banner year of 2017 is to add some titles from the Nebraska 150 Books initiative to your summer reading program. In 2015 a book selection committee of teachers and librarians devised a list of literature that spans the time that Nebraska has been a state and […]

Tall Tales- National Paul Bunyan Day

National Paul Bunyan Day is June 28th. What better way to celebrate than by talking about the story of Paul Bunyan and some of his Tall Tale colleagues.     Paul Bunyan is the giant lumberjack of American Folklore and  was a “settler” of the Northern and Western territories. He was accompanied by Babe, the […]

Founding of McDonald’s Restaurant in Our Archives

The Bellevue University Archives are home to a small collection of quite unique documents, possibly the only ones of their type that are available for public viewing in the world.  They are the work of Thomas Dolly, a one-time student at Bellevue University, and are the result of ten years’ worth of correspondence with Richard […]

International Archives Day 2017

June 9th is International Archives Day, and celebrates the 69th anniversary of the founding of the International Council on Archives (ICA), a formal associate of UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). The ICA’s aim is ‘to promote the management and use of records and archives, and the preservation of the archival heritage […]

Observing National Higher Education Day

Today we are highlighting a day that represents all that a library stands for—educating and inspiring students.  National Higher Education Day is fairly new, having started in February, 2015, by Izamar Olaguez and Marcie Hronis; however, the registrar at National Day Calendar declared it to be observed annually on June 6th.  The original purpose of […]