Vietnam War: DVD Review

Ken Burns and Lynn Novick’s 10 episode, 18 hour documentary, The Vietnam War, takes viewers through a time in history that not only shaped millions of people’s lives but  also shaped a culture.    The documentary takes viewers through the history of colonial Vietnam, the rise of Ho Chi Minh, and France’s doomed war, leading […]

Getting to Know… Chrystal Dawson, Access Services Administrator

Hi Chrystal. What were your experiences with libraries before working in them? I went to a country school. From K-6th grade I attended a two-room school in which our library consisted of four tall shelves of chapter books, an encyclopedia set, a dictionary, a thesaurus, two short shelves of elementary picture books, and a bathtub full […]

Stress, Stress, Everywhere There’s Stress

Stress, stress, stress. That word comes up in our lives constantly. It comes around as the holidays come and go. It exists whenever there are major events happening in the world, in our lives, or even events in our daily lives. There are many techniques to try and relieve stress. There are creative ways to […]

Business Education Forum Journal Review

Business Education Forum is the official publication of the National Business Education Association. The journal is published four times a year:  February, April, October, and December. It is written and edited by business educators and others concerned with advancing business education. Four special sections are published throughout the year:  Entrepreneurship (February), Administration and Supervision (April), […]

JoVE Science Education – Advanced Biology

Last month an in depth look of the database JoVE Science Education – Basic Biology was posted and discussed all that it can do for you when researching topics pertaining to Biology. For those of you who read the blog, or those of you hearing about this database for the very first time, there is […]

Ellis Island Family History Day

Ellis Island is an immigration station that opened in 1892, and located between New York and New Jersey, served as the location for millions of newly arriving immigrants for more than 60 years. Today, April 17th is “Ellis Island Family History Day” designated by an official proclamation of the nation’s governors under the auspices of […]

Tech Talk in Our Newsletter

From the very beginning of the More Than Books newsletter, there has been a “Tech Talk” article. The first “Tech Talk” appeared in December 1997’s Vol. 1 No. 1 and began with a question: “Did you know that there is a Technical Services Department in the library?”   The article went on to discuss the ordering […]

Think Outside the Building: Not Your Typical Libraries

In spite of all the ways that libraries have been reinventing themselves over the past few years, when most people hear the word library they picture a building full of books.  But this does not work for everyone, as many people around the world cannot get to a traditional library.  Here are some of the […]

National Library Week – April 8-14, 2018

It’s National Library Week which means we have a lot of activities and events going on to celebrate this special week. In fact, this year celebrates the 60th anniversary, which was first sponsored in 1958 to encourage more people to read as many people were buying radios and televisions at the time. The American Library […]

Keep America Beautiful

For more than six decades, the non-profit organization Keep America Beautiful has served as a steward of litter prevention. Founded in 1953 in Stamford, CT, Keep America Beautiful has more than 600 community affiliates and engages more than 5 million volunteers.  The mission of Keep America Beautiful is to inspire and educate people to improve […]