Education Week Online

As Bellevue University continues to expand its academic offerings, the need for more information that pertains to K-12 education becomes necessary. If you find yourself in that situation, the database, Education Week Online, is your best bet. Education Week is a newspaper covering K-12 education topics that publishes 37 times a year. It was founded […]

International Artist Day

Do you have an appreciation for art?  Are you interested in art?  Do you want to learn more about art?  If the answer to any or all three questions is “yes,” then today is your day.  International Artist day began in 2004 to recognize artists and the contributions they make.  This day inspires communities to […]

Bellevue University Archives Re-designed

A new feature of the Library’s website which we have not yet made much note of is the re-designed Bellevue University Archives landing page and the new look of the archives themselves. You can find the new archives landing page from the Find drop-down menu on the Library’s homepage, where you can find links to […]

National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Both American Humane and The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) have dedicated the month of October as National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month and Adopt a Dog Month, respectively.  Though the names differ slightly, both organizations are committed to raising public awareness to the plight of shelter dogs and finding […]

October is Crime Prevention Month

In 1984, the National Crime Prevention Council designated October as Crime Prevention Month.  October has become the official month for recognizing and celebrating the practice of crime prevention, while promoting awareness of important issues such as victimization, volunteerism, and creating safer, more caring communities. Preventing crime is always better than charging criminals after the fact.  […]

Fantastic Beasts DVD Review

Although the Harry Potter series has sadly come to an end, the story of his world does not; author J.K. Rowling continues to expand upon it with the first movie in a new five part series titled Fantastic Beasts. A spin-off of the original works, the story this time is set in 1920s America where the […]

World Egg Day

Today is World Egg Day!  In the U.S., our eggs are generally unpreserved (other than being refrigerated) and unfertilized white chicken eggs and, if not used as one ingredient in another dish, are generally eaten fried, scrambled, or hard-boiled. Would it surprise you to learn that the kinds of eggs we eat and how we […]

Read It and Eat! National Cookbook Month

Who needs cookbooks when you have Pinterest, AllRecipes, food blogs and numerous other online recipe sites?  It’s true – it has never been easier to instantly get your hands on myriad versions of any dish you can imagine, complete with photos and step by step instructions, not to mention reviews, ratings, and suggestions from readers, […]

Did You Know? Fall 2017 Edition

The Freeman/Lozier Library is always changing to keep up with the latest trends and services to offer you our best.  Our More Than Books newsletter has a “Did You Know” section that keeps you informed about the changes that have taken place in the library.  Here is the latest news from that newsletter:   The Library is offering more online […]

Let’s Get Ready to be Organized!

It’s hard to not feel the impending nerves that come with the holidays, after all – it is October. Halloween will happen soon enough and we’ll soon be hearing Christmas songs in stores. Planning for school as well as everyday life can be stressful. Luckily, there are many helpful tips out there on how to […]