National Military Appreciation Month

Its May- spring has sprung and celebrations abound with Flowers, Mothers, and Graduates. There is another set of individuals for whom we should give our thanks and celebrate – our brothers and sisters in the armed forces. THAT’S RIGHT, AMERICA! IT’S NATIONAL MILITARY APPRECIATION MONTH! So, please, thank a service-person for their dedication with something […]

The Death of Da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci, a polymath artist and scientist, died on May 2 1519. The artist that shaped and led the Italian Renaissance, died in France. The last years of his life were spent at the French court of King Francis I. The circumstances surrounding his death are mysterious. There are only a handful for primary […]

Fun Facts Found Spring 2017 Edition

It’s not hard to find interesting or useful facts when you crack open a book in the library. Let’s see what fun facts Chris found when she browsed through the Reference stacks.       PBS has no stations. Many PBS stations are nonprofits attached to such entities as state, health or educational (university) institutions.FROM: […]

Jewish American Heritage Month

May is Jewish American Heritage Month, officially recognized by President George W. Bush on April 20, 2006.  Each year this proclamation is renewed by the current president to recognize and celebrate Jewish American culture, achievements and contributions since they first arrived in New Amsterdam, the southern tip of Manhattan Island, in 1654.  What defines being […]

Star Wars Turns 40

Did you know It’s been forty years since Star Wars premiered in May 1977.  It is the first film in perhaps the greatest cinematic franchise in history.  Most people would then make the assumption that its premiere was highly anticipated with wild fervor sweeping across the country.  Did you know that actual number of theaters […]

Archives and Civil Rights

From Thursday, April 6th, through Saturday, April 8th, I attended the 2017 Midwest Archives Conference, held in Omaha. Throughout these three days, I heard about (and saw) many examples of amazing online digital archives and came away from the weekend with many ideas for improving Bellevue University’s own archives, which I’ll begin to implement over the […]

Concussion: DVD Review

Debate on the long-term effects of head traumas suffered by professional football players is a relatively new concern.  For decades, professional teams of the National Football League downplayed the possible permanent brain damage to players who experienced repeated concussions. In this film, Will Smith portrays forensic pathologist Dr. Bennet Omalu, who was on staff at […]

International Jazz Day

Last year I made a post for Jazz Appreciation Month that held a few great, relatively unknown Jazz albums that I thought needed to be brought out from behind their proverbial bushel.  This year, I wanted to celebrate International Jazz Day, which is April 30th by the way, by offering some great documentaries on Jazz […]

John James Audubon, Naturalist

John James Audubon was born in what was then San Domingo (now Haiti) on this date 232 years ago in 1785. His childhood was spent in France, but by 1803 he left there to avoid conscription in Napoleon’s army. His father was a successful businessman and sea captain, and hoped an extended visit to Pennsylvania […]

Anthropological Linguistics Journal Review

For centuries people have been trying to study the history, culture, and languages of their own people; trying to discover where they come from and what their ancestors were like.  Taking this path to discovery can be difficult; however, there is one journal that can help take you in the right direction. “Anthropological Linguistics” allows […]