Albert Einstein’s Birthday

Albert Einstein is considered by many to be the greatest scientist of the twentieth century.  He was born on March 14, 1879 in Ulm, Germany and grew up in Munich. Even as a young child, Einstein excelled at math and physics, teaching himself calculus at the age of 12.  In 1905, he received his doctorate […]

Ep. 35: Unique Digital Archives

Welcome to Episode 35 of the “More Than Books” Podcast! Named after the official Bellevue University Library newsletter, each episode features library staff members discussing a topic related to literature, libraries, technology, pop culture, and more. Now available on iTunes! “More Than Books” Podcast – Ep. 35: Unique Digital Archives Description:  Welcome to the More Than Books […]

Research Assistance Program: The Personal Touch

Research Assistance Program? Haven’t heard of it? The Research Assistance Program (RAP) was launched on September 24, 2018.  It was formerly the “Personal Librarian Program.”   Why change the name?  The reference team wanted a better description of the program so students would know what they were getting. The Research Assistance Program now has its own […]

Research your PERSONAL story

Research your PERSONAL story The second Sunday in March (this year March 9) is Genealogy Day. Genealogy is the term used to describe the quest to discover facts about our ancestors. Some people know more about their family history; some less. Some are very interested in the tidbits that are gathered on numerous generations over […]

Whooooo Loves Owls?

This blogger loves owls!!!  Many people love owls.  What is the fascination with owls?  Could it be that in ancient Greek mythology, the owl is associated with wisdom and good fortune?  After all, the phrase “Wise Old Owl” may have come from the “little owl,” the messenger of Athena, who is the goddess of wisdom. […]

Take a Look on the Bright Side

Although March is National Optimism Month, any month can be an opportunity to build your tendency toward optimism and reaping its many benefits.  Optimism is linked to many benefits in life, including increased health, happiness, and longevity.  Even though a tendency toward optimism is partially due to inborn factors like openness to experience and agreeableness, […]

All About Apps Winter 2019

  We all enjoy apps that help us in our everyday life. We found a handful that you might be interested in adding to your collection. Be sure to check these out!   LibriVox: If you love Audiobooks and do not want to pay for a subscription to listen to older books, you can use […]

1st Appearance: Deadpool

Deadpool Real Name/Alias: Wade Winston Wilson, Merc with a Mouth, Regenerating Degenerate, etc. 1st Appearance: New Mutants #98, February 1991 Place of Origin: Canada Profession: Mercenary, Superhero? Affiliations: X-Force, X-Men, Weapon X, Thunderbolts, S.H.I.E.L.D., etc. Created by: Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza. Abilities: Regenerative healing factor Skilled marksman, swordsman, and hand-to-hand combatant Use magic satchel […]