Once Upon a Time…

“Once upon a time…” is how a great many stories start off. A few simple words compelling your mind to paint pictures of far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells, and maybe even a prince in disguise. National Tell a Fairy Tale Day is celebrated on February 26th each year. As the name states, […]

New Tutorials

2016 saw the debut of Bellevue University Library’s brand new, up to date website. A decision was made that all of our current database tutorials should reflect this change and that new tutorials should be created.  After studying three years of data concerning tutorial usage, a list was created to help us decide which tutorials […]

“First in the Hearts of his Countrymen”

285 years ago today, George Washington was born in Westmoreland County, Virginia. During his 67 years on this earth, Washington served many roles; he was a son, brother, husband, surveyor, gentleman farmer, soldier, delegate, and President of the United States. He experienced joy, disappointment, loss, victory, and defeat, and  lived his life as an honorable […]

Genealogy LibGuide Review

Who do you think you are? People have always been interested in tracing their roots and building family trees, but with the Internet at our fingertips and the digitalization of so many types of records, this has become more popular and easier to accomplish. Now from the comfort of your own home, you can be an […]

How Non-verbal Language Works

This past week we celebrated Valentine’s Day as well as International Flirting week. Here at the library, we even had a fun activity making Valentine’s! Now, Love can be complicated, especially during international Flirting Week. With the help of some tips on non-verbal language, perhaps this week can be made easier. The way we celebrate […]

February is National Women Inventors Month

Do you use windshield wipers, coffee filters, and square bottomed paper bags?  How about a dishwasher, liquid paper, or a circular saw? All of these items were invented by women. Useful though they are, women inventors have improved our lives far beyond these everyday items. February is National Women Inventors Month, and a good time […]

Valentine’s Day Programs and Resources at the Library

Are you worried that your funds can’t stretch far enough to give your beloved a memorable Valentine’s Day?  If that’s the case, you’re not alone.  For sweethearts on a budget, the Bellevue University Library is a great resource to help you make your Valentine’s Day romantic and one to remember without breaking the bank.   […]

A Box of Chocolates

It is February once again and that means that all the grocery stores and drug stores will be stacked with heart shaped boxes of chocolates intended for that special someone in your life for Valentine’s Day. There are many kinds of chocolate available, but clearly America’s favorite form of this addictive confectionary is milk chocolate […]

Reworking Library Subjects

Library staff have recently launched a new version of the Resources by Academic Subject Area page. This page is the result of months of behind-the-scenes work, not just in building the page itself, but in completely re-evaluating the Library’s subject list and matching it to programs and coursework currently being offered by the University. Subjects […]

Fun Facts Found Winter Edition

It’s not hard to find interesting or useful facts when you crack open a book in the library.  Let’s see what fun facts Lorraine found when she browsed through the Reference stacks.   Positive psychology is a newly christened approach within psychology that studies optimal experiences of people being and doing their best. The approach […]