No Pick-up Necessary – Library Material Can be Sent to Your Home

In his May 31 blog post, Joel Hartung informed our new and former graduates of the many library resources and services that are available electronically for all who are Bellevue University alumni. This post will enlarge on that information by sharing that ALL members of the Bellevue University community, including the alumni, can request to […]

Dr. Joyce Wilson Chronicled 20th Century Changes to Bellevue College Campus

One of the most entertaining sessions of the March in-service day shared by the Bellevue University Library staff occurred when long-time art professor, Dr. Joyce Wilson, regaled the staff with her experiences compiling the history of the first forty years of our institution. Shortly after the year 2000, she was approached with the task of […]

Archives Reorganization

For three days in May, the Library staff took on an ambitious project–mass reorganization and identification of the physical photos in the Bellevue University Archives. Over the years, limited efforts have been made to put the photos into order and identify their contents, but, by and large, photos from all throughout the University’s history and […]

It’s All About Yellow, According to Amazon

To stand out online, publishers push book designers for brighter, bolder covers. The hot color of the moment? Yellow. Amazon’s sway in the publishing world now extends to even the design of books themselves. The company now accounts for about 45% of all books sold in the U.S., according to Peter Hildick-Smith, president of industry […]

National Fruits and Vegetables Month

In today’s western society, it’s hard to always make the right choices when it comes to meals. Families, jobs, obligations – these things put pressure on our lives and it’s so easy for us to take the simple solution and just pick something up. It doesn’t help that an entire fast food industry has been in […]

Perpetual Library Access: A great perk for BU alumni!

A lesser known perk of graduating from Bellevue University is free lifetime access to all library resources, including electronic resources such as databases, full-text journal articles, eBooks, and more. This access is automatically granted upon matriculation, and should never expire. All electronic resources are available through the Bellevue University Library website. Most electronic library resources […]

Free Comic Book Day 2016

Saturday May 7th was Free Comic Book Day. What is Free Comic Book Day, you ask? It’s an annual event for comic book stores and comic fans alike. This beloved event is only on its 15th anniversary and was sparked by an idea from a column written by Joe Fielder in 2001. The first Free Comic […]

National Inventors Day – Michael S. Hart

When we think of inventions and inventors, we often think of Edison and his (non-original) light bulb, or Tesla and A/C electricity (at least I do). We forget that modern inventions are much more than “slap-chops” and “ostrich pillows” made to alleviate daily frustrations. Technological inventions that have no tangible creation can be kind of […]

Reference Websites

You may have noticed that the Reference Websites page received a facelift.  Well, this site is now a LibGuide, rather than a website.  With this change from a website to a LibGuide, it is much faster and easier to update the reference websites information and links because the changes are instantaneous. If you are unfamiliar […]

Read any good inventions lately?

Get set to invent everybody because May is National Inventor’s Month! It’s pretty awesome to think about how every gadget, gizmo, and thing-a-ma-bob there has ever been, (not to mention all the whoozits and whatzits galore that are out there) were invented by regular people. How cool is that? Being the literary nerd that I […]