Fire the Pretty Girl, Book Review

The title alone should tell you that “Fire the Pretty Girl” is no ordinary dry business success story. Entertaining, engaging, and thoroughly readable from the first sentence, where John Morton laments, “If she wasn’t so pretty, I wouldn’t have fired her,” it follows his nontraditional and ultimately successful journey through the business world. He tells […]

Welcome to the New Library Website!

As you have likely noticed by now, the Library has a new website! The possibility of developing a new Library website has been the topic of discussion internally for several years, particularly within the last two or three, as we began to notice rapidly changing web-design trends in both the commercial and academic worlds. Inspired […]

National Bill of Rights Day

Tomorrow is National Bill of Rights day, in which we celebrate the first ten amendments to the constitution that gives us so many rights as Americans. So, we here at Bellevue University will celebrate National Bill of Rights Day in our own way by celebrating the Library Bill of Rights set forth by the American […]

Read a New Book Month

Feel like an adventure this month? How about a thriller, a biography, or maybe something else altogether? December is Read a New Book Month and no matter what you’re interested in, it is the perfect opportunity to go out and search for a new favorite. Read a New Book Month provides the chance to wind […]

Take to the Skies!

November was Aviation History Month and I think it’s a subject that really takes off. Aviation history takes course over the span of more than two thousand years and begins with lighter-than-air crafts and slowly works its way to heavier-than-air crafts.   The earliest recorded attempts of flight revolved around tower jumping, a rather ridiculous and […]

Employee Learning Week

Employee Learning Week is an annual, nationwide event that typically takes place during the first full work week of December–which this year is December 7th-11th. Championed by the Association for Talent Development, Employee Learning Week is, according to ATD’s website, ‘an awareness campaign highlighting the important connection between learning and achieving organizational results.’ The Association […]

New Online Library Walkthrough

Welcome to Bellevue University’s New Online Library. The online library is your one-stop shop for academic research. This short video will give you a quick overview of the features and search tools available at our new website, including the new multi-search tool, 24/7 Librarian chat features, and improved navigation. Library Website Tutorial from Bellevue University on […]

2015 Literary Anniversaries: Part 2

Be sure to check out Part 1 first! 150 years ago: Now considered to be the defining masterpiece of the literary nonsense genre, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland debuted in 1865 to lackluster reviews, with most of the praise directed towards John Tenniel’s now iconic illustrations rather than Lewis Carroll’s story. Nonetheless, within 40 years of […]

2015 Literary Anniversaries: Part 1

Looking for something new to read? People often tend to gravitate towards recent publications when looking for a new book to get comfortable with—an understandable instinct, but something of an unfortunate one!  Why not take a look back to previous decades, and even centuries, for one’s next great read? A preferred method for some is […]

Three Free Sources to Search for Family History

Members of the Bellevue University community who are interested in family history research are fortunate to have free access to three resources to aid in your quest. The evening of November 10, Barbara Haney and I were moderators of a sharing workshop to inform the attendees of the third of these sources, one that just […]