Nebraska, the Land that I Love

Way back on March 1, 1867 Nebraska was admitted to the union as the 37th state.  Here we are 149 years later and our state is going strong.  I was born and raised here, but it occurred to me that not everyone knows why there is a lot to love about Nebraska.  Let’s start with […]

National Pistachio Day 2016

February 26th is National Pistachio Day! Pistachios are culinary nuts produced as seeds by the pistachio tree, which originates from Asia and the Middle East. They have been a part of human diets since nearly 7000 BC, and were known to the English-speaking world by at least the mid-1500s, though they were not popular in […]

Black History Month: Inventors in History

On top of being Black History Month, February is also home to National Inventors’ Day, on February 11th. To honor this month, I wanted to highlight a few African-American inventors responsible for numerous inventions that are of significant importance to culture, past and present. Alice Ball was a chemist who developed an injectable oil extract that was the […]

Holocaust LibGuide

The Bellevue University Library’s LibGuide on “The Holocaust (Jewish)” is a wonderful starting point for general research on the Holocaust, with resources on Genocide, memoirs of survivors, and the path that led a developed country to commit such unspeakable crimes. The guide’s primary goal is to provide examples and links to many different types of research. […]

Coloring for Stress Relief

Coloring for stress relief has been recognized as a rising trend in recent years. It was first noticeable primarily in the United Kingdom and Europe before moving over to United States. Using coloring to relieve stress provides the opportunity to focus on just one thing, completing a picture however you feel like. This allows one […]

Love your Library Month

Love your Library Month! February is typically one of three things: Black History Month, Chinese New Year, and Valentine’s Day (at least in today’s American culture). I know what you’re thinking: what about President’s day? HEY! We’re not here to point out every single holiday on the planet…frankly, President’s day is only relevant to governmental […]

Clean Out Your Computer!

Computer keys. Photography. Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest. Last Monday was Clean Out Your Computer Day–don’t worry, you’re not the only one who missed it. Still, better late than never, especially with regards to giving your computer the cleaning that it deserves. Computers are like cars; if you want to get a long life out of […]

Three World War II Interviewees Born in February

Are you interested in viewing real-life adventure stories? The Bellevue University Library archives contains more than 30 personal interviews with WWII veterans that were videotaped in 2004-2005 as a community service project by some members of the Kirkpatrick Signature Series class and  their professor. Three of these veterans were born in February.  Leo Pieper and […]

Year of the Monkey!!!

When you hear “Year of the Monkey,” the first thing that might come to mind is the Chinese New Year and you would be right!  However, the Chinese New Year is better known to the Chinese as the “Spring Festival.”  I had an opportunity to sit down with some of the Chinese students attending Bellevue […]