Ask a Librarian

24/7 Librarian Chat Chat with Bellevue University Library staff during normal operating hours. After hours, questions are answered by academic librarians from around the world who have access to the services and resources offered by our library. Chat Now Face to Face @ the Reference Desk In the library and looking for reference help? Just step […]

Happiness Happens Month

If you’re happy and you know it, then you’ve got perfect timing because August is Happiness Happens Month. Created by the Secret Society of Happy People (SOHP), this event was first celebrated in 2000. Happiness Happens Month is actually an expanded follow up to the first event that SOHP started two years prior in 1998, […]

Victory Day Celebration on September 2nd, Open to All

Where were your parents and/or grandparents 70 – 75 years ago? Did you grow up listening to stories about what they were doing in the early 1940’s? As 2015 continues, those interested in historical events have the opportunity to mark another 70th anniversary from 1945 – the official end of World War II in the […]

You Got a Friend in Me

Life is busy, with school, with work, with kids; it’s hard to find the time to exist with people outside of daily tasks. This past week was Friendship Week, not that you need only one week to enjoy the bonds you’ve created. Not only was this week Friendship Week, but Friendship Day was also this […]

Wuv, Twue Wuv (Love, True Love)

Can you feel the love? I sure hope so since it is Read a Romance Month! Created by writer Bobbi Dumas in 2013, Read a Romance Month serves the purpose of recognizing the romance genre and the literature that comprises it. Read a Romance Month is celebrated throughout the month of August and this year’s […]

Book review: I am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes

This summer, my family and I set out on the road headed for the Rocky Mountains. It was going to be a long drive so I knew that I was up to the task of reading the 612 page, debut fiction by Terry Hayes called I am Pilgrim. It came highly recommended by reviewers and I was […]

You Put Your Left Hand Out

If you’re left handed like I am, you know the frustration of supplies for school or work not being made for your hands. The scissors won’t cut right, the spiral notebooks’ binding is in the way, and you just can’t seem to make the mouse agree with you. I can’t even cook at the same […]