Board Game Checkout and Puzzle Exchange

Board Game Checkout

We’ve added to our collection – now, in addition to offering books and various media such as DVDs, we are offering Board Games for check out! Enjoy a family game night with one of our games available.

What games are available for checkout?

We have Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, Monopoly, Apples to Apples, Clue, The Best of TV & Movies, Carcassonne and Scrabble.

Where can I find the games?

Each game has a box presented on the display by the New Arrivals Bookshelf. The game pieces are available for checkout and kept up at the front desk in bags. Each box has items labeled so we know the pieces that exist (etc.)

How long can I check a game out for?

Game are checked out to students, community users, and alumni for 7 days.

Can I renew the game I checked out?

Yes, games may be renewed once if:
a. Games have not been recalled.
b. Games have not been renewed previously.
c. Games are not on hold for another patron.

Do I need to go to the Freeman/Lozier Library to pick up and checkout a game?

You will need to come to the library itself to checkout a game. Games cannot be sent to Lozier or out on ILL or Outreach.

Can games be returned to the book drop?

Games cannot be returned to the Book drop.

I’m having a game night, can I checkout multiple games at once?

No. Patrons can only check out one game at a time.

If I have a game I want to donate, can I do so?

Complete board games in good condition may be donated to the library and assessed for circulation.

What happens if there are pieces missing when it’s returned?

A charge will be assigned to the most recent borrower for any missing pieces.

What happens if the game is lost or damaged?

Lost or damaged material must be paid for or replaced by the borrower. See “Lost Library Material Procedure” for more information.

How do I know the game has all of its pieces when I check it out?

Everything contained in the box will be counted and recorded on the inside of the box lid and pieces will be stored in Ziploc bags behind the counter while the boxes are on display.

How does the library keep track of the pieces each game has?

The box and bags will need to be checked on both check out and return to make sure that all pieces are present.

Puzzle Exchange

Are you a puzzle lover? Have you finished every puzzle you own and don’t know what to do with it? Bring it to the library for our puzzle exchange! We have a numerous amount of puzzles available. All you need is to bring a puzzle in good condition to the front desk for more information.

Does it cost anything to participate in this exchange?

No. However, you do need to bring a puzzle in order to take a puzzle with you. This keeps our shelf full of puzzles and makes it fair to others who wish to participate.

Where are the puzzles located?

Each puzzle has a box presented on the display by the New Arrivals Bookshelf. This bookshelf is located near the front of the library by the Women’s restroom. As puzzles are added or removed, not all will be represented in the image or on the display. Inquire at the circulation desk on all available puzzles.

The boxes are empty, where are the actual puzzles?

All Puzzle will be stored behind the desk in the cabinet by the color printer in Ziploc bags while their boxes are on display.

If I want a 1000 piece puzzle but I only have a 500 piece puzzle, can I exchange it?

No. Puzzles can only be exchanged for a puzzle of similar pieces (500 for 500, 1000 for 1000 etc.)

What if I have a puzzle to donate?

Complete puzzles in good condition may be donated to the library and assessed for circulation.

How will I know if the puzzle I take has all of its pieces?

If a puzzle is discovered to be missing pieces the number of pieces missing will be noted on the inside of the box lid, once multiple pieces are missing the puzzle will be taken out of circulation.


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