Interlibrary Loan Service

This service is designed for Bellevue University students, faculty, staff and community users. To become a community user, contact the Library Director via email, phone 1.402.557.7313, or fax 1.402.557.5427.



Library patrons are allowed up to 4 interlibrary loan requests per academic term at no charge. Additional requests will incur a fee of $1.00 each. When material is picked up on campus payment is due in full at the time of pickup. When material is sent to the Lozier center or mailed by UPS, payment is due in full within one week of receiving the material. Faculty and staff have no request limit.

Patrons may request only one currently used textbook within a six month period. No textbook renewals will be granted.

For more information – Interlibrary Loan Policies

Please allow 2-5 days for articles and 7-10 days for books.

Requests are processed from 9-6 pm on weekdays, and will not be entered into the system during weekends or holidays until normal work hours have resumed. Please plan for this delay in requests accordingly.


U.S. copyright law (Title 17, US Code) governs the making of copies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Libraries are authorized to furnish a scanned copy if it is used solely for “private study, scholarship or research.” Any other use may constitute copyright infringement. We reserve the right to refuse a copy request if, in our judgment, fulfillment would violate copyright law.

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