The Library’s Discovery Search aggregates search results from over 100 different databases in different formats, including eBooks, Journals, streaming video, and physical library materials. Since a Library search contains results from so many different sources, sometimes a link may not resolve correctly, or a resource may no longer be available. In these cases, we have added a new feature which allows you to easily report a broken link to Library staff.

In your Discovery Search results, simply select the “!” icon in the lower right hand of the screen. A dialog box will open that allows you to easily report a broken link. These reports will go directly to our Library staff for further investigation. Once reported, we will either update and fix the link if possible, or remove it from the search index so it can no longer be accessed.

We are always looking to improve our Discovery Search results, and the best way is through direct feedback from our patrons. We can only fix an issue if we are aware of its existence, so we encourage you to report any broken search results that you may come across.

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