Sugar Awareness Week

I have found conflicting dates for when Sugar Awareness Week actually takes place. That could be due to the dates changing over the years or it changing between the United States and other countries.  Nevertheless, whether or not Sugar Awareness Week takes place in January or November, they are both good times to take a […]

Travel Weekly Journal Review

  As we all know, travel can be tricky, and if not planned correctly, it can go from five star to “I wish I never came” very quickly. Yet, who do you trust to help you plan that perfect trip? Travel Weekly can give ideas for what to do when your vacation plans fall through […]

Secret Origins: The Green Goblin

The Origin of the Green Goblin   The Amazing Spider-Man #40, September 1966   Synopsis of “Spidey Saves the Day! Featuring: The End of the Green Goblin!” In the previous issue, the Green Goblin discovers that Peter Parker is Spider-Man.  The Goblin captures Peter and takes him to his lair.  In the final panel, the […]

Winter Time Getaways

Ah, Winter. The season notorious for its long, cold, and dark days is finally upon us. If you’d rather be sticking your toes in warm sand over wool socks, or sweating instead of shivering, you’re not alone.  Twenty-three percent of Americans prefer to go on vacation during the winter with the biggest lure being getting […]

Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera Daisies are commonly grown for their bright and  flowers.  They originate from South Africa. Most are hybrids of Gerbera jamesonii and Gerbera viridifolia.  Gerbera daisies (Gerbera jamesonii) are tender perennials and will grow year-round in USDA Zones 8-11, but you can enjoy them in the spring and summer in any climate.  They come in various […]

Recreational Services

Recreational Services Board Games Checkout Are you a board game lover? Just want to play a game like Apples to Apples for an impromptu game night and don’t have a game on hand? We offer Board Games for check out! Enjoy a family game night with one of our games available. Available games: Ticket to […]