Makerspace at the Library

The Freeman/Lozier Library at Bellevue University offers countless ways to engage your mind, from research to puzzles to escape rooms, and now we have added one more – a Makerspace!  For those unfamiliar with the term, a Makerspace is an intentionally created place for people to explore their curiosity and creativity with the use of […]

Potato Soup by Twyla Hansen

Childhood homes are great fodder for reminiscences and poetry, especially when it is so different from your adult life. It is this difference that Twyla Hansen, former Nebraska State Poet, writes about in her collections of poems, Potato Soup. Writing from the distance of time and place, Hansen remembers the good and bad of growing […]

Nebraska Author, Twyla Hansen

Nebraska State Poet Laureate from 2013 to 2018, Twyla Hansen focuses her imagistic poetry on the nature of the state, turning the seemingly mundane into exquisite sensory offerings. Born in Omaha and raised on a family farm in Northeast Nebraska, she earned degrees in horticulture and agroecology. Her time on the farm impacted her collegiate […]

All About Apps Summer 2023 Edition

We all enjoy apps that help us in our everyday life. We found a handful that you might be interested in adding to your collection. Be sure to check these out! Instasize: This app will help you turn your photos from good to great! Instasize is a photo editor that helps with the usual like […]

Literary Podcasts You’ll Love

Finished catching up on the latest episode of “More Than Books Podcast”? Check out these podcasts for a diverse perspective on literature, cultural influence, and join a book club that truly makes you think. If Books Could Kill Michael Hobbes and Peter Shamshiri host the new hit podcast “If Books Could Kill”. Do authors have […]

Breadcrumb Trail: AI in Art

With the advancement of artificial intelligence in such tools as ChatGPT, it is beginning to feel like we are living in sci-fi times. When a computer program can write an essay or doctor images, the line between human and machine can seem a bit blurred. The rise of AI has especially called for ways to […]

LIB 101 – Introduction to the Bellevue University Library

Welcome back returning students, and welcome to all new students! As the start of the new term is quickly approaching, it’s a great time for a quick refresher course on all the Bellevue University Library has to offer for our students. This is LIB 101 – An Introduction to the Bellevue University Library. The Library […]

The Breadcrumb Trail

Don’t know what to read next? Fell into a show hole? Looking for your next favorite band? Hello! Welcome to the Bellevue University Freeman/Lozier Library’s Media Advisory Blog: The Breadcrumb Trail. We here at the library are looking to help you find your new obsession, whether it is a new author, director, musical artist, or […]

Self-Care for Students LibGuide

With so much attention paid to school and work, it is easy for students to forget about themselves. Luckily, the library has resources to help you help yourself. Filled with useful tips for helping your mind and body, the library’s Self-Care for Students LibGuide is a collection of online information students can access. The first […]

Did You Know Summer 2023 Edition

The library has excellent book displays that change monthly? Circulation staff choose exciting themes that make appearances throughout the library, most notably at the service desk and in the display case. Members of the library’s reference department have created a special Zoom room where, during certain hours of the week, students can drop by virtually […]